Bottle Cap Technology

Helping support & documentation teams of every size

What we do

We're available to help organizations with their support and documentation needs. We:

  • Write technical, customer-facing documentation
  • Develop internal software to make teams more efficient
  • Build and scale support teams

We've also built Yetto, a support ticketing system built on top of GitHub Issues.

Who we are

Brian Levine

Brian's been building software, hardware, teams, and processes for the past 20 years. Most recently, he was the VP of Support at GitHub and the Head of Support at Plaid. He's hired staff around the globe, introduced new support products and processes to companies, and overhauled Support teams and tools to evolve into a welcome partner among customers. (LinkedIn)

Garen Torikian

Garen has written technical documentation for over 12 years at companies like Autodesk, Salesforce, and GitHub. He has also built documentation tooling for Salesforce, GitHub, and open source communities. Most recently, he was a Platform Engineer at GitHub, working on their REST API, GraphQL, and webhook deliveries. (LinkedIn)